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Fair Trade Certified Flowers
Things Change...

Dear Visitor,

We have closed the Vancouver office due to retirement.
We are retired, but Certified Fairtrade Flowers will not!

One of the highlights of our careers was the start of our Certified Fairtrade Flower Program. It is nice to see that Certified Fairtrade Flowers are becoming more popular than ever before. The reason for the success of the program is multifold, but ultimately it is consumer awareness. We have spent countless hours to introduce, promote and sell Certified Fairtrade Flowers, but that is only a very small part of it.

In this day and age, the WWW is vital for consumer recognition and ever since we have had this website it has returned many hits, requests, and feedback from people all around the globe that support Certified Fairtrade Products. Our web presents and our advertising campaigns have been so successful because of the people behind the design and layout of this website and our Ad’s. A very big “THANK YOU” to Ronald Oudshoorn and Corrie van der Lelie who were the driving force behind these undeniable important communication tools! We could not have done this without them and their likeminded ideas!
Also the Canadian Fairtrade network has given us some nice exposure and references … Sean McHugh THANK YOU!

Even though we have closed, it is with great pleasure to inform you that
the Certified Fairtrade Flower program will continue and improve.
We made an agreement with Florists Supply LTD to maintain, improve and expand the Certified Flower Distribution in western Canada.
With 5 locations and thousands of customers, soon Certified Fairtrade Flowers will be available at any florist in western Canada that is interested in joining the program.

Thank you Florists Supply LTD for making this commitment towards a wonderful and meaningful program. To see what is going on with the Certified Fairtrade Flower program, please visit their website.


For an overview of Retailers/Distributors in the Vancouver and Alberta area click here

Interested in becoming a Fair Trade Certified Flower retailer? click here

Fair Trade Certified Standards for Cutflowers (pdf) click here

Fair Trade Certified Flower brochure (pdf) click here

Fair Trade Certified Flowers are available in Vancouver at various locations
and we are able to distribute them all over North America.

If you like your favorite store to carry "Fair Trade Certified Flowers" please e-mail us,
with the name and the address of the store, we will contact the purchaser and will try to
make a program available to them.